June 1st Party

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Posted by: CaptainDave, on 06/02/2016, in category "The Crockett Rocket Fishing Report"
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Linda, Karen, Archie, Patty and Curtiss had a wonderful time catching stripers and hybrids. This was Curtiss and Patty's second time fishing with me. They are from up north, but are looking forward to moving to the south in a few years. They plan to take up a new pastime: FISH KILLING!

Check out Facebook to see a video of the trip:  



Comment posted by: Ken Cunningham, on Sunday, June 19, 2016 7:39 AM
My wife Joann and I hired Caption Dave to guide us almost 30 years ago. On the first trip we did not catch a thing, so Dave spent about 8 hours trying to find fish and teaching me about Clarks Hill lake and how to read a fishfinder graph and a flasher graph. On the 2nd trip we maxed out on striped bass and a few other fish. Since then whenever I run into him on the lake he always tell me what and how the fish are hitting. Captain Dave was pretty darn good then, he is great now!! Oh yea, the 2nd trip was FREE. You can't go wrong with Captain Dave
Thanks Dave ,I have used what you taught me to catch a ton of fish

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