Summer 2011 Recap

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Posted by: CaptainDave, on 10/19/2011, in category "The Crockett Rocket Fishing Report"
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Abstract: Catch up with Captain Dave as he remembers this past summer.
Bull Reelin'
Bull Hammond reels one in!

  We had a great summer on the Hill.  As always, I enjoyed chasing the stripers with some remarkable fishermen from all over the globe.  This summer started out well, with my parties catching a boat full of smaller hybrids and stripers everyday.  They were the perfect "eatin' size".  As time went on we began to catch larger fish for those of my clients who were looking for "the big one".  We began every trip early in the morning before the sun was up and most days we were off the water by the time it got really hot.  This summer I also began a new branch of Crockett Rocket Striper Fishing that I hope to continue and expand in the coming years- Captain Dave's Fishing Academy.  Click here for more info.  Keep an eye out for a fall fishing report, and don't forget to check the hall of fame for more shots of this summer's catch.  
Good Fishing,
  Captain Dave 

Successful catch
Roger Erb and his friends caught their limit in a short time.  

This young lady and her family had a blast aboard the Crockett Rocket early one morning.

Mr. Bertrand
Mr. Bertrand landed this nice striper in June.


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