Week of 3/20

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Posted by: CaptainDave, on 03/20/2008, in category "The Crockett Rocket Fishing Report"
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Abstract: Despite fronts, we still manage to pull in some nice fish.
It has been a tough week with two major fronts coming in on us with high winds and thunder storms.  The upper end of the lake got hit particularly hard, with a lot of down trees.  I had to reschedule most of my trips, but had one good afternoon with Otto and Judy Blendon from upstate Michigan.  They were down on vacation and caught their first stripers.  Judy also caught a 5 ½ lb. largemouth, which she said would be a trophy in Michigan.  They had a good time and I enjoyed fishing them.  The water temperature is 57 degrees and all our fish were caught freelining live herring in the afternoon.  

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