Lake Thurmond Fishing Report for 2/18/2008- 2/25/2008

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Posted by: TKelley, on 02/24/2008, in category "The Crockett Rocket Fishing Report"
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Abstract: Where to fish at Lake Thurmond when it's cold.
Large Striper Caught at Lake Thurmond

The fishing is typical for February. Water temperature is always critical. I know up north they catch them through the ice, but southern fish don’t like cold water. A dozen fish right now is a good day and some of those can be in the 20-30 lb range. We have been struggling with the wind in the last few days. Later on, when we are fishing straight down and can anchor, the wind is not a problem. But trying to pull planers with a 3ft. chop is reall tough. The water struggled to get out of the low 50’s this week and the upper tributaries got real muddy with this last rain, but we need the water so we’re not complaining. My good friend and fellow guide, Mark Crawford and I went looking for some trophy fish for our clients. We pulled big baits in Little River Carolina, Buffalo Creek, Soap Creek and Baker Creek. We had a great day, although we didn’t land anything really big. I highly recommend these areas in the next few weeks. March is just right around the corner, and as the water temperature rises the fish activity will increase.

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